Good resources are not easy to come by, and very easy to lose if not treated appropriately. In today's world, employment is about more than just the salary. The decision to join or stay with a company depends on multiple factors; including work environment, career growth, and last but not least, healthcare - especially mental health. 


At CuraDoc we believe that a healthy employee's productivity is manifold. In order to maintain optimum health in high pressure environments, readily available access to physicians is vital. 

CuraDoc corporate subscriptions are designed to provide your employees the most comprehensive and convenient online  care and reduce healthcare costs for your organization.


Your employees and their families will be able to access our highly qualified word-class physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation doctors and other health care providers from the convenience of their home or workplace.


Our low cost and affordable subscription plan for addressing health problems with outstanding outcomes is revolutionizing how we take care of patients with workplace health problems using our SmartClinix and online ancillary services.

Wish to help your employees maintain premium health? 



Growing up isn't easy. At the age where physiological changes can overwhelm growing teens, access to a healthcare provider is inevitable. 

An increasing number of college students are reporting that mental health issues—often anxiety, depression, or both—affect their academic work.


In a 2017 national study, approximately 24 percent of students cited anxiety and nearly 16 percent cited depression as affecting their academic work.


Death by suicide is the second leading cause of fatalities in youth ages 15-24.

As these reports increase, the requirement of on campus health and psych care services is eminent.


School-based telephysician & telepscyhology services can provide a unique opportunity for the wellbeing of students going through rapid organism & body changes.   The access to health care services will have a positive impact on physical and mental health of your students.  


This is even more important in rural areas where there is a shortage of healthcare professional, long travel time to physicians and lack of transportation and related challenges are not uncommon.  Students can access to health care providers using CuraDoc with expertise in a timely fashion ad with minimal disruption of their studies at school. 

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